Loewe (brand)

Loewe Brand

Loewe is a Spanish fashion brand specializing in handbags, perfumes, clothing, and other fashion accessories. Loewe is one of the oldest brands in the world and has a great reputation among Royal families. The brand is defined by its focus on the craftsmanship and unmatched expertise behind its products. The brand’s design process is overseen by the Design Director Jonathan Anderson.



LVMH currently owns Loewe, after acquiring the fashion brand in 1996. Under LVMH, the company has developed innovative ways of organizing its production process. LVMH is a French conglomerate created in 1987, and remains the world’s largest conglomerate for luxury products and brands. It owns other brands such as Givenchy, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton.



Loewe was established in 1846 in Madrid by Enrique Loewe Roessberg and a group of craftsmen. In 1905 the brand was officially granted the “Supplier to the Royal Court” title by the King of Spain. Loewe attained rapid growth and success under Enrique Loewe, the founder’s grandson.



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