Loro Piana (brand)

Loro Piana Brand

Loro Piana is an Italian brand with a reputation for producing high-quality woollen fabrics. The brand’s pieces are meticulously created by the most reputable artisans with strict craftsmanship. Loro Piana has played a key role in wool production by sourcing only the finest wools and sponsoring awards for the best wool producers worldwide.



Today, Loro Piana is owned as a public company by LVMH, a French fashion house conglomerate that purchased the company in 2013. LVMH is a family-run firm, aiming to develop a long-term improvement of Loro Piana and its other fashion houses, including Louis Vuitton and Loewe.



Loro Piana was founded in 1924 by the Loro Piana family who were wool merchants. After the European wars, the brand’s reputation grew under the founder’s nephew Franco Piana. In 1941 the brand became one of the best producers of premium wool textiles both in Italy and across the Asian continent.



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