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We Offer Time, Not Data.

It takes time to find the answers, seize the problem, frame the question, acquire, clean and analyze the data. And then realize some parts were flawed, and correct to re-start again.

We have been doing this for years, under different situations but with similar needs.

What we offer is an up-front answer, ready-to-use datasets designed after real-world industry questions, with subject matter experts that build our think tank.

Addressing relevant questions now, saves time. And money.

Independent Observers

We see what the end consumer sees, independently, transparently.

But most of our work comes afterwards: Cleaning, standardizing, and re-organizing the entire product catalogues, convert prices, standardize quantities, to make sure our client is comparing apples with apples.

We craft our datasets to describe the market, the brands, retailers and marketplaces as they are to the consumer, from our independent perspective.

Fair, Open, Public Data

Our clients include listed companies and regulated financial institutions. We are very serious about data.

We curate data sourcing directly, controlling end-to-end collection and transformation, adhering to industry best practices and regulators indications (see Investment Data Standards Organization - IDSO - best practices on web scraping for reference).

No personal, reserved, IP protected or restricted data is neither collected or included in the datasets. We never log-in private sections of websites, reach pages that are unintended for the public.

All information featured is publicly available over the internet to anyone, we only observe it as it flows and not interfere with the websites.

Our purpose is strictly to obtain market transparency for all actors.

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