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Eyewear / Distribution Dynamics

Dataset Glossary

Distribution Map Dataset Glossary

Field  Description
Year Year of observation
Quarter Quarter of observation
Website Website name
Brand Brand on which the product is sold
Products Average product count
ASP Average Selling Price, before discounting
ASP discounted Average Selling Price after discounting
% FP Products Share (%) of products sold full price on total products



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Eyewear Market

Includes eyeglasses, sunglasses, goggles and related eye products.

E-commerce distribution focuses on sunglasses and frames for eyeglasses (typically not including prescription costs)

Key Players

The market is dominated by few large manufacturers typically licensors of popular brands.

Main manufacturers include EssilorLuxottica, Safilo, Kering Eyewear, Thelios (LVMH), Marcolin, Marchon

Online Distribution

Online distribution relies heavily on the wholesale channel, including eyewear specialists, vertical marketplaces, generalist marketplaces as well as fashion retailers and department stores.

Known Challenges

The fragmented distribution leads to frequent discounts and price discrepancies, in contrast with main licensed brands - often of the luxury segment - direct to consumer strategies.

Dataset content

Dataset lists the average number of products, price and discount level of each brand in the selected retailers.
Websites (Eyewear dept. only)
  • Alensa (France)
  • Ashford (USA)
  • Avvenice (Italy)
  • BeFashion (Italy)
  • Demenego (Italy)
  • Designer Optics (USA)
  • Frames Direct (USA)
  • Farfetch (UK)
  • Gilt (USA)
  • Grand Vision (Italy)
  • Optica Optima (Spain)
  • Uniglasses (UK)
  • Shade Station (UK)